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Here are 5 ecommerce websites design tips and tricks on how to design a great looking, modern, and usable website in Singapore!

If you already have an ecommerce website or you just getting started designing one, we assume you understand the value of your website. The ecommerce website is your online storefront and the first impression your customers have about your brand. The physical state of your website will present your products and speak louder than any ad or video. If you are interested in designing your own ecommerce site in Singapore or you want to redesign your old website, we have some great tips that can keep the process organized and efficient. Here are 5 ecommerce websites design tips and tricks on how to design a great looking, modern, and usable website in Singapore:

Less is always more

1.Less is always more:

Simplicity is the key to online success. Too many words, images or products can obscure the attention of the visitor and your potential buyer. Specific focus increase sales than an aggressive approach. If you think that design is outside your knowledge or skill set, you might consider building your ecommerce site using an ecommerce websites builder. There are so many great ecommerce websites builders to choose from.

2. The importance of organization:

One of the essentials of product organization is how quickly you can find what you need. The categories may keep your products or inventory separate, however, it falls on the practical level. We recommend you to keep your most profitable products and best-sellers within reach as soon as a visitor arrives at your website, so you can start selling online. We know you like the idea of visitors browsing through your site, exposing to all of your items while they look for the one item they want. This may have a converse effect of making it difficult to shop with you.

The importance of readability

5. The importance of readability:

When designing your website you need to remember that readability is a subgroup of usability. Your style, font size, and effects should reflect your store without sacrificing the user experience. You may like that cursive or old-fashioned font for its simplicity and elegance, however, there are people who can’t read that font. People leave websites if something frustrates them. And if they can’t read your content, they will leave your website for sure.

In conclusion, we will say that your website needs to be legible, usable, and shoppable, however, too many ecommerce websites in Singapore seem to lack this basic approach. We suppose they don’t know their customers as well as you do. The good thing is that by considering these tips, you’ll make sure your website is organized, friendly, professional looking and you will easily stand out.