Here Are 3 Top Ranking E-Commerce Platforms in Singapore

//Here Are 3 Top Ranking E-Commerce Platforms in Singapore

Selling online in Singapore is becoming a norm. As one of the developed countries, people are embracing technology. A large number of entrepreneurs are shifting their ventures to the virtual platforms. Being one of them, you cannot avoid a seat in the bandwagon. Otherwise, any ignorance or reluctant to embracing e-commerce will have some harsh consequences in later days. However, choosing an e-commerce platform is not a simple task.

With the growth in this sector, some developers are surging per dawn. Each developer is praising their platform and considering it as the best. As a newbie, you might face confusion or be in a dilemma in the selection phase. This article presents three top-ranking e-commerce solutions that will help you cut in the Singaporean online arena. Here they are:

Magento – the number one open sources

Do you want to stand out? Certainly, having a unique e-commerce website is the joy of every webpreneur. You need to be noticeable in a group of many online sellers. This aspect does not happen through magic or miracle. For you to have a standing out website, you must have an e-commerce solution that enhances your customization. Magento is a leading open source e-commerce platform. It allows you to access the codes and work on them. With this, you create your website using your original ideas. Hence, your site will be unique as no other similar site will be available.

Shopify – the kingmaker in the e-commerce arena

At times, you may not possess the coding knowledge. Also, finding an expert to work on your site might be beyond your budget. Having this as reality does not mean your e-commerce journey will not reach its destination. Shopify is one of the pacesetters e-commerce platforms. It is a renowned solution where niche leaders found their fortunes.

Shopify provides you a simple web editor for building your online store. You do not need any coding knowledge. The developers do that part for you. Your work is choosing the features you want and building your online store within a short duration. Hence, it is easy to start selling online.

WooCommerce – a leading free WordPress extension as an e-commerce platform

  Do you have a blog on WordPress? Maybe you are wondering how you can transform your followers into customers. Here is your answer: WooCommerce is an extension on WordPress. The extension enables you to have full features of an e-commerce platform. Hence, you can add it for free and start your online selling journey.

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